Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Women mourn after separation longer than men (NewsAktuell/Ots via Worldwide Drug Testing News)

Hamburg (ots) - ex and hopp: After a separation men fall themselves gladly fast into something new. Women against it often need one year, in order to fall in love again. That resulted in...

Days of prevention of the suicide: to alert on the bond between addiction and suicide (AFP via Worldwide Drug Testing News)

The 12e national Journées for the prevention of the suicide open Tuesday on the topic "addiction and suicide", with the objective to federate competences to make move back the number of suicides which has stagnated in France for several years.

Lohan friend circle (if via Worldwide Drug Testing News)

Lindsay Lohan had to let fall some their closest friends, since she terminated her withdrawal - because she can trust not longer in the fact that they help her to remain on the right way.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Again pinned Bulgaria and Romania (euronews via Yahoo! Current events)

Bulgaria and Romania joined the rows of the European Union in vain one year ago, it remains to them still much to be made

Against the suicide, three days to yes say "to the life" (Destination Health via Worldwide Drug Testing News)

As from tomorrow and until February 7, the national Union for the Prevention of Suicide (UNPS) organizes in all France its 12èmes national Journées on the topic "Addiction and suicide". It acts of a true plague, the products (...)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Police controls ten thousands in the north driver (strip packing via Worldwide Drug Testing News)

In landspreading control the police examined ten thousands on weekend in Northern Germany road users. However were checked in Lower Saxony during the 24-stuendigen action to Saturday noon over 15,000 vehicles, how the police communicated on Sunday.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Are Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Really Diseases?(via Worldwide Drug Addiction News)

The old adage that once you are and “addict” that you will always be an “addict ” may not be true. Are drug addiction and alcoholism true diseases with genetic predispositions, which mean if you have had trouble with either in the past you will always be at a higher risk than the general population? The answer surprisingly to most people seems to be no.
The research shows the longer the period of sobriety after a period of substance abuse, the lower the chance of relapse. At approximately 5 years of sobriety, the probability for relaspe are the same as the odds of anyone in the general population. If there was a real predisposition to addiction, even after extended periods of being clean and sober, the chance of relapse or developing a second addiction would have to be higher than the general population.

It would appear, that drug addiciton and alcoholism are more behavioral in nature and when treated and corrections are properly made, people can move on and lead normal fulfilling lives. This is great news as people may not have to view themselves as “branded” an alcoholic for the rest of their days. Also when looking for a drug rehab facility, one stressing cognitive behavioral therapy would likely be a better choice.

Drug Addiction goes Hand in Hand with Mental Health Problems(via Worldwide Drug Addiction News)

The interactions between anxiety or depression and substance abuse are complex. Substances may be used as coping mechanisms by people with mental health problems. Substance use can trigger or worsen anxiety or depression.

The US National Co-Morbidity Study reported that 29% of the general population aged 15-54 had both an alcohol and/or drug problem and a mental disorder in the past year. British Columbia data (2002) indicate that over 79% of people aged 15-64 receiving addictions treatment services are also receiving mental health services. Also 20-40% of people with mental illnesses also have been treated for an alcohol and/or another substance use disorder.
Numerous studies in different countries confirm that having either a substance use problem or another mental disorder increases the probability of having both types of problems at the same time. It would seem that most people undergoing treatment for drug addicition might also seek treatment for their mental health concerns.

Self Help for Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse(via Worldwide Drug Addiction News)

We have had numerous requests for free information that people can use right away. This source has been one of the best we have found. The Problem Substance Abuse Handbook has sections on the physical effects of drug abuse as well as substance abuse withdrawl. Discussions about abstinence as well as avoiding high risk situations make this a very useful resource.

The 52 pages are very well done and can be downloaded immediately free of charge. It is simple and easy to use, and may assist someone in deciding if self-management of their addiction is possible or if admission to a drug rehab might be considered.

The link is:http://www.heretohelp.bc.ca/helpmewith/psuworkbook.shtml

Friday, February 1, 2008

Don’t phone if all you want is a Get out of Jail Drug Rehab!(via Worldwide Drug Addiction News)

We all have things in life that are unpleasant.  Mostly we all hitch our pants and do them anyway.  I guess they are called pet peeves.  Mine is people who are not looking to change when they call.  They are simply looking to stay out of jail.  They phone with a shopping list of things they are reading about drug rehab that they are reading off of a court order.  They are flip and callus.  They behave in a derogatory manner.  They mockingly describe the other rehabs they have been to, filled with losers and lazy staff that does not care.  They don't care what the program is, as long as it is cheap and meets the court order. 

I politely suggest I cannot help them.  Drug rehab centers have more than enough work dealing with people who want to change.  Working is a drug rehab is hard demanding work.  Nobody who is really lazy would ever take a job in a drug rehab.  It is just too much dam work.  The pay is ok, but people never work at the rehab just for money.  It is not enough to make them stay.  I wish the court would not make us a dumping ground for people they do not know how to handle.  Of course people will choose rehab over jail.  However, does housing an unmotivated client in a drug rehab center for 30 to 90 days make a difference?   Probably not.  It is also a drain on the staff and an anchor around the necks of the people who want to change.  So if you are simply looking for a get out of jail free card, look someplace else, leave drug rehab to those who are going for the right reasons!

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